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What is Succs to Succ?

We are a woman owned, small, local business located in the heart of downtown Eau Claire, WI. Not only do we have a greenhouse that supplies anything and everything succulent related, but we also provide advice and products to assist new and advanced plant enthusists. We also provide alternate non-living options for those who adore succulents but cannot decicate the time to care for a living one such as faux succulents and room decor. From standard to homemade potting soil, locally created pots and artwork, advice and classes for succulents, vibrant decor peices, and a massive variety of succulents, we aim to be the one-stop-shop for succulent related needs.

Our Goal

Our goal at Succs to Succ is to bring awareness to succulents and provide a reliable resorce to assist those new and old in the hobby. We aim to provide a fast and convenient way to purchase succulents and provide care tips to all succulent enthusists mainly in Eau Claire, Wi and around the United States. Although many big chain stores and local shops provide a variety of different plants and a few variety of succulents to come by, we at Succs to Succ provide a specialized shop for those who mainly focus on succulents with having a vairety of succulents and succulent realted items avalible in our store.

Meet the people that make Succs to Succ possible!

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Hi, I'm Alyssa! I'm the owner of Succs to Succ and I am a lover of succulents, decor, and art. With Succs to Succ, it started out from my love of succulents and wanting to help others with their green thumb. This never could have been possible without my sister, Tiana.

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Hey all! I'm Tiana, Alyssa's sister and the co-founder of Succs to Succ. Although I may not be into plants like Alyssa, I enjoy creating and designing terarriums and pots for succulents. You can find lots of my different and unique pots on the site!

Of course, Succs to Succ couldn't have been possible without our amazing employees and you! Thank you all for your support!

Job Openings

Succs to Succ is currently hiring! Wanting to work in a fun, creative, and fast pasce workplace that also sserves your local community? Well, we have the jobs for you! Take a look a tour current listings, and we will reply within 2 business days. We hope to have you on the team!

Decor Specialist

As a decor specalist, you organize and stock the items in the store!


Where do you ship?

We currently ship only within the US due to restrictions with COVID and high shipping costs in different countries. We want to be able to make these items as affordable as we can for our customers and members.

How do I care for my succulent?

Please visit our tips page for more information regarding your specific succulent.

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